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Moonbat Bruce Goes Loony

Yeah, I know: short trip.

According to Bruce Gagnon, NASA’s upcoming LCROSS “moon bombing” is a test of first-strike space weapons.

No…seriously…he actually believes this.

When the space craft arrives near the moon it will fire a missile, at twice the speed of a bullet, from the spacecraft into the moon’s surface. NASA maintains that the “test” will displace several miles of lunar material in order to find out if water is present on the moon’s surface.

NASA will then have the $511 million mission’s mother satellite circle the moon for at least a year creating a detailed map of the moon’s surface. NASA says the new maps will be crucial for identifying possible landing sites for astronauts in future years as permanent bases are built on the moon for the eventual mining of helium-3. Scientists have long suggested that helium-3 could be used for fusion power back here on Earth and would make the profits of the oil industries pale in comparison.  [emphasis added]

Words fail.

3 comments to Moonbat Bruce Goes Loony

  • mike shupp

    Bruce Gagnon is our ambassador to millions of concerned souls who in other circumstances would
    pay very little attention to space flight and have no knowledge at all of aerospace technology.
    He works so very hard for us, and asks so little — shouldn’t we treat him with the love and
    respect he deserves?…..

  • Bruce’s woefully ignorant tutelage does little to change the “no knowledge” part, however much he might stir up a misguided chicken-little interest among them.

    And I think I give Bruce more respect than he deserves, actually.

  • mike shupp