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Goodbye to Chandrayaan

Looks like India’s Chandrayaan I lunar probe has died, after a pretty good run.

India’s space agency ended an $82 million mission to map the surface of the moon after failing to restore contact with its unmanned Chandrayaan I craft.

Contact was lost with the probe two days ago and scientists at the Indian Space […]

Barely Scratching the Surface

John Scalzi takes on the bad science/design of the Star Trek franchise.

I actually used to like ST:TNG when it was first broadcast. Nowadays, I find any manifestation of the franchise insufferable. Bad acting, lazy writing, trite speechifying, cross-episode amnesia re:new discoveries/innovations, Patrick Stewart, etc.

That said, I caught a bit of Star Wars: Episode […]

A Couple of Comparisons

I’ve only had time this week to put together two comparison shots between my grandparents’ 1965 slides from KSC and my own from last week, but here they are. Unfortunately, I’m going to be too busy this coming week to do the rest any time soon – suffice to say there’s a couple more interesting […]

“Anal Fissures? Not Covered!”

Thanks to Jon Caldara and Independence Institute’s latest video on health reform, I have now created probably the last blog post title I would have ever expected to use.