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Fly the Fissionable Skies

Now, I’m a big proponent of nuclear power, but even I think that this is a really, really bad idea:

In an interview with The Times, Professor Poll said: “We need to be looking for a solution to aviation emissions which will allow flying to continue in perpetuity with zero impact on the environment.


Good For Them

India’s national space program has launched it’s Chandrayaan-1 probe to the Moon, carrying instruments to map the elemental composition of the lunar surface, search for He-3, and map the terrain, along with a camera-carrying penetrator probe which will among other things analyze the lunar atmosphere on the way down. (You knew the Moon had an […]

Interesting Connection

Hmm…Kimbal Musk (brother of Elon and commenter on SpaceX launches) is a board member of Progress Now Action, one of the billionaire-funded political action groups at the core of the “Colorado Model” for “progressive” takeovers of red states:


Post-apocalypse stories have a certain appeal to me, probably stemming from being a child of the malaise-ridden, nuclear-winter-threatened, cold-war-dominated 1970s-1980s. So, when I discovered that there was a like-themed movie coming out this fall called The Road, and that it was based on a novel, well, naturally I bought the book.

And jeebus…that’s four wasted […]

I Think This Is Meant To Be Reassuring

The new “interim assistant-secretary for financial stability” overseeing the $700 bank bailoutpalooza is a former NASA engineer:

Officially, Kasahkari will be interim assistant-secretary for financial stability, a world away from the career he envisaged when he left his hometown of Stow in northeast Ohio to study engineering at the University of Illinois.

After graduating, Kashkari […]

“Iceland Is On Its Own”

Looks like I chose wisely in waiting until next year to visit Iceland:

Iceland is on the brink of collapse. Inflation and interest rates are raging upwards. The krona, Iceland’s currency, is in freefall and is rated just above those of Zimbabwe and Turkmenistan. One of the country’s three independent banks has been nationalised, another […]

The Image Fulgurator

Damn… I wish I’d had one of these during the DNC in August:

In principle, the Fulgurator can be used anywhere where there is another camera nearby that is being used with a flash. It operates via a kind of reactive flash projection that enables an image to be projected on an object exactly at […]

SpaceX Offers NASA Lunar Cargo Service

Depending on your perspective, this move might be seen as an admirable example of not resting on your laurels, or a demonstration of epic cockiness:

Space Exploration Technologies has proposed to NASA a robotic cargo lunar lander service that would be priced at $80 million per mission.

SpaceX proposed the lander at a meeting with […]

Snow on Mars

Looks like we’ll have to bring parkas and mittens – Phoenix has spotted falling snow on Mars:

NASA’s Phoenix spacecraft has discovered evidence of past water at its Martian landing site and spotted falling snow for the first time, scientists reported Monday. Soil experiments revealed the presence of two minerals known to be formed in […]