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The “Senator V”: NASA’s New Big Monster Rocket

Over at Pajamas, Rand Simberg looks at the political and technical disaster that is the Senate Launch System (aka ‘the Rocket to Nowhere’).

I’m hardly naïve when it comes to the capacity for dishonesty and self-delusion among politicians, but the brazenness of these shenanigans is still breathtaking. Nobody wants this vehicle. Nobody needs this […]

Secret Space History

I love it when things like this happen: Top-secret U.S. surveillance satellite, now declassified, gets a public showing in Virginia. Pity that it won’t be kept at Udvar-Hazy.

I really need to make a trip/pilgrimage there sometime.

Since 9/11

I think like most Americans old enough to remember 9/11, I remember it almost moment by moment, as clear as if it had happened yesterday. Which makes it strange to think that it’s been ten years now — I remember it more clearly than a lot of news events that happened in the past year […]