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James P. Hogan

Not only did I not know until just now that he passed away a year and a half ago, I also didn’t know he went a little wacky in his later years.

What a pity. I was pretty fond of his earlier stuff – the Giants series was one of my favorites as a kid […]

An Annoying Feature of Non-Fiction Books

Introductions or prefaces which are longer than the book’s chapters.

I’ve been doing a lot of background reading lately as part of writing the sequel to In the Shadow of Ares, and this seems to afflict every book I’ve picked up. I’m slowly getting over the notion that I ought to read them before reading […]

Indian Migrations and Space Settlement

I’m doing some reading in Indian history as part of my research for the sequel to In the Shadow of Ares. In John Keay’s India: A History, I came across this interesting passage in his discussion of the ‘epic age’ of the Mahabharata and Ramayana:

As for the retreat into exile, the other central theme […]

Promising Radiation-Exposure Treatments

This could certainly be useful in martian and lunar settlements, and perhaps moreso on the way to and from them – Researchers successfully treat previously lethal doses of radiation:

“The fact that this treatment can be administered up to a day after radiation exposure is so important,” said Millie Donlon, DARPA’s program manager for this […]