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Before the Fall

Last night, I finally got around to watching the pilot episode for SciFi’s* new series Caprica. For those who don’t know, it’s a prequel to the recently (and horribly) ended Battlestar Galactica, set 58 years before the events of that series in the titular city.

So far, so good. After being grievously disappointed with the […]

Promises, Promises…

Yeah, I know I said I was going to be posting more frequently. Unfortunately for my vow, I got caught up in the long-delayed overhaul of People’s Press Collective for most of the past two weeks. Now that it’s nearly finished (which, websites being what they are, is a Xeno’s Paradox-based perpetual condition), I’m back […]

The Scott Heard Round the World

Despite my relief at the Scott Brown victory, I’m going to be a voice of sobriety here: important though it may prove to be, this is one victory.


Brown’s win may or may not derail the nationalization of healthcare, depending on whether Obama, Pelosi, and Reid “double down” in an all-out push to ram […]

Where Have All the Protestors Gone?

It seems the Women in Black Silent Vigil For Peace (who I last observed observing something less than a moment of silence) have given up their first-Saturday protest outside Colorado Mills in Golden…

Did President Obama end the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and neglect to tell anyone (except the […]

Rajendra Pachauri, Al Gore, and Conflicts of Interest

It looks like Al Gore, with his lucrative carbon offset schemes, isn’t the only one who may be benefitting from the “climate industry” – IPPC Chairman and former railway engineer Rajendra Pachauri (Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and Economics) seems to have some interesting and potentially lucrative “climate industry” links of his own:

Today, in addition […]

Detroit – the New Trantor

Isn’t this what the remaining denizens of Trantor did after the collapse of the empire in the original “Foundation” trilogy?

Farm to Save Detroit:

[O]ne day about a year and a half ago, [investment manager John Hantz] had a revelation. “We need scarcity,” he thought to himself as he drove past block after unoccupied block. […]