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Basic Transportation

I’ve always thought that NASA’s manned rover concepts were a little too consciously “futuristic”, designed more with a sci-fi aesthetic in mind than simple rugged practicality.

Now this…this is my idea of a manned rover…


Umm…They Do Grow Back, You Know…

Jim Cameron, call your office:

It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that these same people are big on “renewable resources”.

Settlement Infrastructure

The clouds and greenery (such as it is) distract from the impression here, but the geothermal taps at Krafla struck me as looking a lot like the infrastructure one might expect to see near a settlement on the Moon or Mars. The offworld resemblance wasn’t only in the incompletely-terraformed appearance of the landscape.


Now You See X-37B, Now You Don’t

This sounds a lot more intriguing than it probably is: US military’s top secret X-37B shuttle ‘disappears’ for two weeks, changes orbit

Since then, the X-37B been arguably the least-secret secret project on the planet, as fellow backyard astronomers joined in the scrutiny, aided by how-to video guides and apps such as the Simple Satellite […]

Rover’s-Eye View

A slightly-marsified version of one of my Iceland pics, from the wastelands near Emstrur.

It was easy to see why NASA sent Apollo astronauts to train here.

More Mars on Earth

Finally getting the time to post more of my Iceland pictures on Flickr. Aside from the clouds and the sparse moss, one could picture a vista like this on Mars:

As I upload the pictures, I’m also adding any especially un-Earth-like shots to a separate set which I will publish here later. The set […]

But Is It Art?

I don’t know why, but I like this. If I were independently wealthy, I could see myself doing quirky things like this.

Mars Colonization Poll

Having just spent three weeks in close quarters in a Mars-like environment, this survey on attitudes towards Mars settlement conditions from Jon Goff (who I may actually meet in person this week) seems well-timed.

My answers to the primary questions:

Would you be willing to make a one way trip to Mars if it meant […]