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Apollo I

I missed the anniversary last week due to other time commitments, but here’s a suitably ethereal shot of the “monument” at Cape Canaveral’s LC-34:

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Three weeks in Iceland, as seen by my GPS unit:

Nook vs. Kindle

I bought a Kindle back in September as a means of test-driving the e-book version of In the Shadow of Ares, mainly because I hadn’t thought much beyond Amazon when we decided to go the electronic route. I was aware that Barnes & Noble and Borders each had their own e-readers, but Kindle seemed to […]

Science Eye-Candy

High-speed video of droplets of liquid nitrogen rolling across a hot surface, demonstrating something we’ve all seen while cooking but probably didn’t know had a name — the Leidenfrost Effect:

From Wikipedia:

The effect can be seen as drops of water are sprinkled into a pan at various times while it is heating up. […]

Strange Aerial Phenomenon

Now that I have a little bit more time available, I’ve been working again on the time-lapse videos from the Iceland trip last July. Have largely given up on ever getting the bumpy spots satisfactorily “deshaken” with the software tools available, but I did discover something that I completely missed at the time and in […]

“A Fount of Nonsense Who Exasperated Everyone He Talked To”

Dave “JournoList” Weigel digs around at AboveTopSecret and discovers what may be some postings from Jared Loughner, under the userid “Erad3”:

If the NASA Space Shuttle is able to reenter from the orbit of the Earth then the NASA Space Shuttle is able to reenter because of the heat of 1,500 °C. The NASA Space […]