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Columbia Report Coming Out

Well this is a surprise – CNN is reporting that NASA will be releasing today the final report on the Columbia accident investigation today. This is not the what-caused-it report, but the what-happened-during analysis. Specifically, the report findings we saw concerned how the breakup progressed from initiation to completion and what can be learned to […]

How to Live On Mars

I’ll do a more thorough review of it when I get home again to reliable internet service, but I read Bob Zubrin’s new book How to Live On Mars yesterday.

It was funny, and a clever take on the subject, but there was a lot I found myself disagreeing with. In particular the sanction given […]

Could Be Worse

I was going to complain about getting trapped in Milwaukee overnight by high winds here and blizzard conditions elsewhere (our plane out got stuck in Racine and never came in). And how I couldn’t upload pics from my Blackberry of the arctic conditions outside my hotel room last night. But at least our flight made […]

Questionable Advice

Obama appoints a Paul Ehrlich pal as his science advisor. Nice.

Maybe next he’ll pick Robert Park or Bruce Gagnon for NASA Administrator.

ADDENDUM: Commenter Brock at Rand’s place makes an apt observation:

I’d prefer a Science Advisor who saw technology and scientific advancement as a solution to problems, rather than a being a […]

Snow…in December…in New Orleans

That’s Michoud across the street there…somewhere…

[thanks to Eileen for posting the pics yesterday]

All I Want for Christmas…

…is a Multiple Kill Vehicle . Now that is cool.

(Imagine the hue and cry if a toy company actually marketed a product under a name like that…)


A GMD interceptor has once again worked in a test firing.

As alluded to in the post, one has to wonder just how much “proof” the Obama administration will require to “prove” that missile defense at all levels is “proven technology”…or whether that vague standard is just weasel-words to rationalize an eventual pullback from Bush […]

One of a Kind

Say goodbye to a submarine you probably didn’t even know existed:

The specialized submarine has performed a variety of missions that included search, object recovery, geological survey, oceanographic research, and installation and maintenance of underwater equipment. Following the loss of the Space Shuttle Challenger in 1986, the NR-1 was used to search for, identify and […]