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What Media Bias?

Rocky Mountain Right has video of a conversation between a group reporters at the DNC demonstrations in Denver, torn between covering the protest and joining in. In the end, the latter wins out for at least one reporter (and presumably the others continued to do the latter while pretending to do the former, chewing at […]


Alex Jones harangues Michelle Malkin at the Mint ‘levitation’, while the mob chants “Kill Michelle Malkin!”.

Amazing video from fellow PPC organizer El Presidente of Slapstick Politics. I was there, saw the commotion, and only realized after she had successfully escaped the situation who it was — she was surrounded by cameras and a group […]

And So It Begins…

If you want an unfiltered look at the goings on at the DNC convention in Denver over the next week, here is your site: Peoples Press Collective:

According to recent news articles, the Democratic Party, its fundraisers, various lobbyist groups, and protesters have scheduled a full slate of events for the week that feature poker […]

WordPress Migration

I’ve meant to do this upgrade for months now, seeing as how I was about five years and two major releases behind on MoveableType.

Be aware that things may not be acting quite as they should yet, until I get the kinks worked out.

And Speaking of SpaceX…


Back From Vacation


Posting from Prague