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Iceland’s Mess Continues

More proof (as if our own mortgage meltdown wasn’t enough) that one should be wary of “irrational exuberance” during economic booms: Iceland’s Government Topples Amid Financial Mess

The value of the country’s krona currency has plummeted, hitting many Icelanders who took out special loans denoted in foreign currencies for new homes and cars during the […]

CU Boulder Creates “eSpace Center”

Looks like CU Boulder isn’t so kooky after all (well, okay it is, but it’s at least doing something of potential benefit to commercial space):

Aerospace company SpaceDev and the University of Colorado at Boulder have teamed to form the Center for Space Entrepreneurship, or eSpace, an incubator focused on fostering space startup companies and […]

Skynet, Call Your Office

A disturbing look at the future of military automation.

One bright spot they apparently overlook in this is the fact that there really isn’t anyone with the capabilities to challenge the U.S. in battlefield automation (yet). Another is the very real possibility that (as suggested by the ‘more Kosovos, fewer Iraqs’ comment) such weapons would […]

Mars Needs Beano

More methane on Mars:

“Methane is quickly destroyed in the Martian atmosphere in a variety of ways, so our discovery of substantial plumes of methane in the northern hemisphere of Mars in 2003 indicates some ongoing process is releasing the gas,” said Michael Mumma of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md. “At […]

Yet More Hayek on NASA

One of the nice things of having few other temptations over the holidays (and spending a lot of time in airports and airplanes) was that there was time to read a few more chapters of Hayek’s Constitution of Freedom, a project I’ve been working on in fits and starts since March 2003.

This passage on […]

There’s No Escaping It

The flight home for the holidays gets worse each year.

Four years ago, I ran into Michael Moore in the line at the coffee stand at the airport.

Three years ago, my luggage got lost coming through Detroit Metro. Both ways.

Two years ago, I got trapped in Denver for six days due to a […]