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Environmentalists Redefining “Virgin”

This article at the Grauniad is noteworthy not for its routine America bashing or overwrought environmental panic-pimping, but for the laughably unsubtle parroting of the equally laughable (and undoubtedly calculated) misuse of the word “virgin” to describe wood materials derived from unrecycled sources.

Extra-soft, quilted and multi-ply toilet roll made from virgin forest causes more […]

Speaking of Life Imitating “Atlas Shrugged”…

Meet Namaste Solar Electric, aka “The Twentieth Century Solar Panel Company”:

“We did have a lot of skeptical, raised eyebrows at the beginning,” Jones said of his company, which installs solar power systems in Colorado.

“We even have had business schools bring teams of MBA students to come to do a case study,” he said. […]

Life Imitates “Atlas Shrugged”

Uh-oh, it looks like Galt’s “ray screen” was no match for the “Don’t Be Evil” crowd — Google Earth has found Atlantis:

From what it sounds like, a British aeronautical engineer was playing around with the new Google Earth 5.0, which includes undersea data, and noticed something funny off the coast of Africa, about 600 […]

Final Stimulus Package – Breaking a Few Eggs

Amanda from Liberty on the Rocks explains the effects of the ongoing orgy of government bailouts and stimulus packages and pork spending:

For those in Denver, be sure to check out the coverage of today’s anti-stimulus rally at the Capitol steps on Peoples Press Collective. The rally will take place between 12:15pm and 2:00pm, […]

Good News, Bad News

Good News: There may be lots and lots of earthlike planets in the galaxy.

Bad News: We have no way of getting to any of the others – which is a shame, as such planets would be very useful to those of us fed up with the way things are going on the only earthlike […]

They Know Our Secrets

Someone at SciFi has been doing their homework as regards spacecraft metal fatigue — last night’s episode, No Exit, features character Galen Tyrol performing, of all things, a dye penetrant inspection of Galactica’s major structures.

I have a hunch that that is the first time an authentic non-destructive inspection technique has figured in a science […]