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More on “Inspiration Mars”

Reax to Inspiration Mars: “Well sure it’s their money, but I should have a say in how they choose to spend it.” […]

Tito to Mars

Interesting: The millionaire and his mission to Mars

We’ll apparently find out tomorrow, but this would have to include some sort of mission module or Bigelow habitat in addition to the Dragon capsule. They’d be incredibly lucky if they were to choose participants who could spend that much time together in such a cramped space […]

Deferred Dreams of Mars

A not particularly revelatory look at NASA’s ever-deferred humans-to-Mars efforts: The Deferred Dreams of Mars

Still worth a read, even if it is mostly a recitation of the conventional wisdom on the topic – not to be harsh on Brian Bergstein, it’s just that there’s nothing really new in what he has written. Apart from […]

About That Washington Examiner Hit-Piece on SpaceX…

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Rand Simberg thoroughly dismantles it: An Examiner Hit Piece on SpaceX

No quotes, because his response is wedded to excerpts from the original and is best read in full (i.e.: Read the Whole Thing™).

As I mentioned on Twitter (and then didn’t have time to follow up on myself), I heard some scuttlebutt about this […]

CCiCap Summary

Rand Simberg has a good overview of the CCiCap announcement over at Popular Mechanics.

First Female Taikonaut Returns to Earth

I don’t really think this means much with regards to any competition between China and the US in space, but it’s an interesting historical event nonetheless: China’s first woman in space arrives home

This is amusing:

China’s space programme is several decades behind that of the US and Russia – which launched manned space stations […]

SpaceX Dragon Docks to ISS

Cool. Let’s hope this is just the first of many – SpaceX’s Dragon craft makes historic hookup with space station:

Once the fix was made, Dragon returned to the 30-meter checkpoint and moved in for the final approach. When the craft reached a distance of 10 meters (33 feet), NASA astronaut Don Pettit used the […]

Big Week-ish for Commercial Space

Okay, so it’ll be a bit over a week by the time it’s done, but:

Planetary Resources is announced, with a four-stage approach to prospecting and mining near-Earth asteroids: Leo, a small space telescope placed in (appropriately enough) low Earth orbit. Interceptor spacecraft (Leo telescopes with additional propulsion and science equipment) to scout for near-Earth […]

Commercial Spaceport for Colorado?

It’s apparently on the mind of the Governor and some legislators here in Colorado:

When I first heard mention of this last week, I scoffed because it struck me as just another bandwagon-jumping scheme akin to “green energy”. But as the video points out, there are good reasons to consider a spaceport in Colorado […]

SpaceX Gets Approval for ISS Flight

Good news – NASA clears SpaceX for trial run to space station:

To encourage commercial cargo runs, NASA has hired SpaceX and a second company, Virginia-based Orbital Sciences Corp. to fly cargo to the space station, a $100 billion project of 16 countries, which orbits about 240 miles above Earth.

A successful test flight by […]