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The Contemptible Propaganda of the Democrat Party

…on full display:

Democrat Propaganda on Shutdown


I thought after eight-plus years in political activism that there was little Democrats could do to make me loathe them more. Well, here’s something.

Yes, I recognize that the superficial intention of the comment is Republicans want to stop Obamacare from covering the uninsured. But the literal meaning is that Republicans want to stop every single American from getting any healthcare. That’s no accident of lexical ambiguity. That was meant as a subliminal message to slip by the conscious awareness of a casual reader. It’s no more accidental than Barbara Boxer’s comment yesterday that Republicans want to defund Obamacare simply because they oppose healthcare for women – if you take her at her word, Republicans want all women to be denied healthcare.

It’s a dishonest and disgusting display of partisan hate. Every Democrat should be ashamed of this.

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