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More on #Shirtstorm

  • Sarah Hoyt tackles #Shirtstorm feminism (and a commenter attempting to deploy the standard Progressive argument tactics of snark, strawmanning, and faux-victimhood): No Space for Sewing Circles.
  • John Hayward at Breitbart discusses the controversy as an example of thoughtcrime and compares it to #GamerGate: Comet Guy and the social-justice black hole
  • Rose Eveleth and her supporters likewise pull out the standard Progressive tactic of painting themselves as the victim when they get called out for doing something wrong: Shrinkage: More charges of ‘doxxing’ by Instapundit ‘downsized’ by accuser
    After following some of the #GamerGate foofooraw, I find it hard to take allegations of “doxxing” seriously – that’s the problem with crying wolf and/or faking such things. “Doxxing” as a term appears to be following much more rapidly the trajectory that the terms “rape” and “racism” have taken over the past few years as a result of leftist politicization: its scope and definition being carelessly and irresponsibly expanded by activists to the point that the term loses its impact, ironically undermining efforts to fight the underlying concept to which it formerly specifically referred. Also ironic is that the ambiguity that results from this misuse by Social Justice Warriors is in fact unjust, in that an imprecise definition of an offense makes it impossible to know how to avoid committing it, and makes determining whether an offense has occurred a matter of subjective judgment – or whim – on the part of interested parties. Sarah Hoyt touched on this in another recent (non-#Shirtstorm) post riffing on one of her commenters, who likened this ambiguity to psychological abuse.
  • Speaking of Rose Eveleth, imagine my surprise to learn her scientific credentialsNew York University, MA: Science, Health and Environmental Reporting; University of California, San Diego, BS: Ecology, Behavior and Evolution — Minor: Writing“BS”, indeed. One has to give her credit for having somewhat more knowledge of her journalistic beat than the corrupt journo-activists that #GamerGate has exposed, but I wonder to what degree her supposed outrage was really about the “sexism” of the shirt design offending her “feminist” sensibilities vs. a failed scientist’s Salieri-like envy over a man (who clearly doesn’t share those sensibilities) accomplishing something on a level of scientific importance she knows herself to be incapable of ever reaching.

By the way, you can still chip in to buy Matt Taylor something nice:


4 comments to More on #Shirtstorm

  • luscinia

    He’s completely clueless. Hoyt and her followers are irredeemably fucked up.

    Especially Shadowdancer Duskstar, who thinks that men should be allowed to punch women who make fun of them, and bobtheregisterredfool, who wants to introduce breeding factories, or at the very least, make things difficult for childless women, perhaps by limiting women’s access to education.

  • He’s completely clueless. Hoyt and her followers are irredeemably fucked up.

    To which “he” are you referring? And who are you to make those judgments?

  • Greg

    I’m half surprised good old Bruce Gagnon hasn’t jumped on this with another one of his endless/pointless/irrelevent tirades that bear only a passing fammiliarity with reality. I’m sure he would find a way to make the #gamersgate folks look like they are ready to launch nukes at Fergeson or some such insanity…

  • I haven’t checked his blog in months. Has he actually been talking about #GamerGate, or are you just being facetious? Hardly seems to fit his area of interest, but you never know.

    Now, if he were whining about how Rosetta/Philae was actually a cover for the military conquering one of our beautiful and pristine heavenly visitors to use for something secrety-weapony to control the shipping lanes to space while they gleefully pollute space with radiation, well…that would be consistent.