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Braced for Voter Fraud in Colorado

For those who haven’t been paying attention to the out-of-control Democrat-ruled legislature in Colorado over the past two years, it hasn’t only been gun-grab laws they’ve been ramming through: Braced for Voter Fraud in Colorado.

How Coloradans can’t see what the Democrats here are up to is beyond me. It’s not like the Democrats really go out of their way to conceal what they’re doing – they not only ram these sorts of things through on party-line votes, as Fund notes in the article, they twist and violate legislative procedures to do it.

Remember: Colorado is a “model” and a test site for tactics Progressives will use in other states. Including yours.

Of course, part of the reason they get away with this crap is the fact that Republicans in this state are utterly incapable of setting aside their interpersonal and factional rivalries and self-interest to organize and fight against it effectively. Nor are they capable of ejecting or marginalizing psychologically damaged activists who disrupt and discredit any efforts which are made to do so.

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