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STS-131 Launch

In Florida today to watch the STS-131 launch, which went off without a hitch this morning.  More later, but I need a nap, and then I have to drive back to Orlando for the return flight to Denver. Video now added below (at least, one little clip – I’ll try to add more later).

STS-131 Launch

STS-131 Launch

3 comments to STS-131 Launch

  • Bjorn

    Great photos, Tom! My parents saw the launch from Jacksonville this morning.

  • Aaron_J

    I am so jealous. Pictures and video can never fully capture the experience. Versus what appears on the video, how would you characterize the brightness and sound? I saw a daytime launch from the Visitor Center, and found the flame to be remarkably bright. I can only imagine how it looked at night, at half the distance.

  • It was amazingly bright, like a sudden sunrise. The video has to be watched with headphones to get the full experience – you barely hear the roar on a laptop, for example, but it’s quite impressive on the clip.

    The funny part of the launch was when the young women in front of me at the fence along the creek realized, as the sky lit up like day, that there was an alligator lurking in the water about ten feet away, watching them. Heh.