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The Scott Heard Round the World

Despite my relief at the Scott Brown victory, I’m going to be a voice of sobriety here: important though it may prove to be, this is one victory.


Brown’s win may or may not derail the nationalization of healthcare, depending on whether Obama, Pelosi, and Reid “double down” in an all-out push to ram through their abominable bill with procedural tricks, but it could very well do so. But keep in mind that first, it should never *ever* have gotten this close in Congress, and second, the future is still balanced on a knife’s edge, even with a 59-41 Senate.

I’ve heard today’s victory called “the Scott heard ’round the world” – but like the events of Lexington and Concord this needs to be the first step towards reining in the statists and restoring our liberty, and not mistaken by those in the grassroots who helped to make it happen as the arrival at that still-distant destination. Much work remains, what with caucuses, primaries, and midterm elections coming up, and aside from boosting the confidence of the grassroots in its efficacy in influencing major elections, this victory in Massachusetts does nothing to change that fact in other states.

Republicans, too, should avoid drawing the wrong lessons from this win – it was not an embrace of Republican policies or Republican leadership, it was for many a rejection of creeping socialism, fiscal irresponsibility, and government power-grabs in favor of liberty, and a repudiation of arrogant but clueless elitists endowed with an sense of entitlement to political office…all of which the Republicans have themselves been guilty lately. The GOP still needs to acknowledge these failings and its responsbility if it expects to rebuild the public trust, and would be wise to articulate a positive, pro-liberty platform for rolling back the nanny state rather than simply restraining the pace of its growth.

2 comments to The Scott Heard Round the World

  • CapitalistBitch

    Agreed and agreed.

    I fear that regardless of how much I like Mr. Brown it was too early a victory.

    Given the Republican Party mandated candidates selected in Colorado, they will not understand this was, as you said, a vote against, not for. Republicans could do with spending more time wandering in the wilderness.

  • Hey Tom:

    Thanks for putting this into context. For better or for worse, this is the first time I have contributed financially to a candidate in another state, but I intend to continue. As well, I am making a strong effort to encourage friends and like-minded acquaintances and colleagues to do so. I think a lot of folks are unaware how much national impact they can have by participating in local races in places other than their hometown.