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Fred Thompson Blogburst

Rick Moran has put together a Fred Thompson Blogburst for today, to show blogosphere support for Thompson heading into the Iowa caucuses. It’s certainly time for Fred to have a surge (and well past time for the execrable Huckabee to tank) — here’s hoping that he’ll get enough of a bump out of Iowa to remain in the race, as the electorate grows increasingly weary of and/or disgusted with the other GOP candidates.

Personally, my preference is for Fred not because I dislike all the others (which in fact I do, to varying degrees), but because he by and large has the right core principles. I’m not especially interested in his social conservative positions, but everything else on the list tracks well with my own.

Fred’s campaign plans to run an ad blitz in Iowa this week touting his conservative cred, and is looking for help in funding the spots.

1 comment to Fred Thompson Blogburst

  • Too late for me to do anything today.

    I like Fred as well. He and I might disagree on the social issues but .. and I wished I had the quote in front of me .. I believe that he won’t put his own notions of right and wrong ahead of the law.