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Fascists on Mars

No, no, it’s not another boring moonbat rant about Chimpy McBushhitler’s secret neocon plans to occupy Mars and loot its oooooiiiiiiillllllll…it’s actually a new Italian comedy film.

Looks amusing. Unfortunately, I don’t speak Italian and it’s probably not a big enough film to be made available in an English-dubbed or subtitled form, especially since the verbal and intellectual nature of the humor involved would make the translation into English more difficult than, say, translating the intellectually void Red Planet into Italian.

UPDATE: Commenter Fabrizio provides a link to the opening sequence, available on YouTube. It looks like a good portion of the film (if not the whole thing) is also available piecewise. The machine-gun soliloquy and the weirdly nasal opening song are quite bizarre…now I really wish I spoke Italian.

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