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There Are Worse Things

Keith reports (with some derision) that Patrick Rhodes, deputy director at FEMA during the Katrina fiasco, has been picked up by NASA as a “senior advisor” of some sort at HQ.

Pretty lame. I wonder if, as a political appointee, he was simply foisted on NASA (with Griffin’s fig-leaf “approval”) whether the agency wanted him or not. What exactly does a “senior advisor” to the administrator do, when that senior advisor has no known background in space or topics relevant to the agency? (Something tells me he’s going to spend his time on the 9th floor making coffee, playing solitaire on his PC, and text messaging his pals about how bored he is.)

On the other hand, an underqualified political employee seeking refuge from his failures during Katrina in an office at NASA HQ is hardly as concerning as the voters of New Orleans reelecting the incompetent moron whose own pathetic bungling of the emergency makes everyone else’s pale in comparison.

1 comment to There Are Worse Things

  • jackal

    Look on the bright side. Maybe NASA’s decided the “Shaft” is a bad idea after all, and they’re bringing in this dude to be the scapegoat when they cancel it. See, it was all HIS idea somehow, and he almost rooked us into flying the damn thing. Just like he tricked people into thinking he was competent to manage FEMA during a cat5 hurricane.

    Pink slip for Partrick, the shaft gets canned, Ares IV or Direct get the nod to replace it, and everyone’s happy. Well, maybe everyone but poor Patrick. He’d have to call the White House to find him yet another job. But if he wants to go private sector, maybe Brownie can help him out.