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SpaceX Lawsuit Tossed

I can’t find a link to it, but according to our in-house news clipping service at work, Defense Daily is reporting that Elon Musk’s lawsuit attempting to block the ULA merger was tossed out this past week. Rather contemptuously. Seems the court didn’t see much merit in a lawsuit alleging damages to a launch business that hasn’t launched anything yet.

UPDATE: A snippet from the Defense Daily post (still no link):

Judge Florence-Marie Cooper of the Central District of California wrote in her ruling of Feb. 15 that “SpaceX’s argument is utterly devoid of any concrete factual allegations regarding any type of actual injury suffered”.


UPDATE 2: Aha, I missed it, but Jesse posted on this last week at Space Law Probe.

1 comment to SpaceX Lawsuit Tossed

  • Aaron_J

    Where is Mr. Musk getting his atrocious legal advice? Is there a relationship between that and the questionable technical advice that is at least partly responsible for his numerous launch delays?

    One could speculate that he filed this lawsuit for publicity, figuring that “no publicity is bad publicity”, but I can’t see how this is anything but bad. Imagine how much confidence this must give his investors…or is he entirely self-financed?