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Huygens Lands on Titan

So far, so good: Possible Shoreline Revealed in First Titan Picture

The world got its first look at the surface of the Saturnian moon Titan on Friday when pictures from the European space probe Huygens showed a possibly rocky surface with “drainage channels” for liquids.

The first picture from a height of about 10 miles, as Huygens descended before landing on the surface, showed what scientists said appeared to be a shoreline. They speculated the channels might feed into canyons on the surface…

The saucer-shaped probe was designed to rotate on its way down, taking high-definition, panoramic images of Titan’s thick, smoggy atmosphere and its landscape.

Along with its six scientific instruments that measure the components of Titan’s atmosphere, Huygens carries a sound recorder and a lamp to look for signs of surface liquid.

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