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Groundswell of Apathy

Did you know that the week of October 11 was “Keep Space for Peace Week?


Me neither. But it seems our luddite friends over at Global Network were out in force at Vandenberg…well, sorta:
Missile Protests Continue.

Oct. 11 was the last day of Keep Space for Peace Week, an international campaign organized by the Global Network Against Weapons in Space (GNAWS), which has 170 affiliate groups worldwide encompassing “literally millions of people,” National Coordinator Bruce Gagnon said. GNAWS sponsored dozens of nationwide protests last week – and hundreds of protests over the past 11 years – calling for the end of government spending on space-based military technology like the missile defense shield.

“Literally millions,” eh? I guess that’s why a whole thirty people showed up for the protest.

Then there’s this:

Patrice Acuna, an 83-year-old Isla Vista resident who attended the protest, said she has marched for peace, civil rights and other causes throughout her life.

“I don’t like the way this country is going,” Acuna said. “No matter how hard I march, things just keep getting worse; it’s kind of depressing.”

Hmm…you think maybe marching is a useless tactic, then? Hello?

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