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Seeing Red

Sci Fi Wire reports that the Sci Fi Channel will be broadcasting a six-hour miniseries based on Robinson’s Red Mars in late 2004.

I have the same issue with this adaptation that I have with the once-again-upcoming Atlas Shrugged adaptation: how can such a long and detailed novel be compressed into a few hours without losing a good part of its essence? While Red Mars is no Atlas Shrugged, it still is fairly complicated and detailed.

If it does succeed, however, adapting Green Mars and Blue Mars should be a snap: simply delete the endless gushing over lichens and such, and the remaining stories should fit neatly into six hours apiece. But even with the preachy environmental theme toned down, will people really want to sit through eighteen hours of human-bashing, anti-establishment cliches, and praise for communism?

[via HobbySpace]

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