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Raspberry Pi Goes Social Justice Wanker

I guess that Pi Camera I picked up yesterday will be going back to MicroCenter:

I’m not a gamer, so until now the #GamerGate thing didn’t affect my interests directly. If the Raspberry Pi people find it necessary to unnecessarily side with the frauds and malicious liars of the anti-GamerGate brigades, and to do it with such a pissy, condescending, and arrogant attitude, they can make do without my money.

Perhaps instead of marching with the damaged, delusional, and dishonest nutjobs of the “social justice warrior” movement, they should focus their attention on improving their product. And by “improving”, I mean “make it not suck”. If I’d known a month ago what I’ve learned since from bitter experience with an R-Pi B+ (100mA per USB port? [facepalm]), I’d never have bought one of their pieces of crap in the first place. There’s a reason they market their goods to schoolchildren.

A good take on the matter here, along with a number of dishonest comments illustrating my point above.

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