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NYU Students Protest, Fail to Understand Why Nobody Takes Them Seriously

This priceless clip is not only laugh-out-loud hilarious (unintentionally), but illustrates perfectly why earnest young college students who want to change the world aren’t taken seriously. And shouldn’t be.

These drama queens better hope this never happens in reality…even a zombie could get inside their OODA loop.

These earnest and sensitive students (assuming they are all students, which I gather from the officers’ focus on seeing NYU IDs was a matter of some doubt) must not be in engineering or science programs…not only do they seem to have a lot of spare time on their hands, but the dithering and indecision and “consensus building” didn’t make their heads explode.  Yet another reason that I feel fortunate to have obtained my political science B.A. during that pleasant break from self-important campus protest moronery which coincided with the Bush 41 presidency.  Sure, MSU had about a week of tantrums during Desert Storm, but the conflict was over before the theater students and victimhood studies majors and the like could arrive at any nonhierarchical consensus-based decisions beyond making up a few clunky posterboard placards and shuffling around listlessly outside the International Center bleating “No Blood For Oil!!!”.  

Which is a good thing, since had it dragged on they might have eventually worked themselves into enough of a preening, self-righteous lather to throw themselves against the battlements of Fortress Hannah, and there would have been no end to the coverage of the heartless DiBiaggio regime’s brutal refusal to oppress them (the Hannah building was reputedly designed to contain sit-ins and the like without interruption to university operations, allowing the president to simply ignore such outbursts).

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