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There’s No Escaping It

The flight home for the holidays gets worse each year.

Four years ago, I ran into Michael Moore in the line at the coffee stand at the airport.

Three years ago, my luggage got lost coming through Detroit Metro. Both ways.

Two years ago, I got trapped in Denver for six days due to a blizzard, missing Christmas. And then got delayed getting back for two more days due to fog one morning at O’Hare.

Last year, I got stuck overnight in O’Hare and spent much of Thanksgiving Day there.

This year I thought I’d be smart and avoid DTW and O’Hare altogether, by flying through Milwaukee, and save a little money as well. Then barely missed the big wreck at Denver, got stuck overnight at Milwaukee due to a blizzard, flew in to Manistee in another blizzard with whiteouts and driving winds, got delayed flying out yesterday due to freezing rain, and when they did attempt to leave, the plane slid on a patch of ice while turning onto the runway and slid its nose gear into the grass, causing another day’s delay.

And then when I left Traverse City this morning, I got the full search at security, including a full visual inspection of a box of fudge I was carrying after a swab test of the package returned some sort of suspicious indication. (I knew there was a reason everyone disliked the “fudgies” we had to put up with in the summers as part of being a tourist mecca, but I had no idea it was because they were terrorists.)

But I finally made it back, in one piece, and I did get a nice picture while I was waiting in Milwaukee:

More on last week’s topics when I get caught up.

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