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Could Be Worse

I was going to complain about getting trapped in Milwaukee overnight by high winds here and blizzard conditions elsewhere (our plane out got stuck in Racine and never came in). And how I couldn’t upload pics from my Blackberry of the arctic conditions outside my hotel room last night. But at least our flight made it out of Denver intact.

Meanwhile, I’m reading Matt Bai’s “The Argument” while I wait for my flight to Manistee. Interesting insights into the Democrat party’s internet-centric reformation after 2004, with lots of useful advice for the GOP. Unfortunately, Bai’s analysis of the GOP itself is undermined by a reliance on left-wing myths, verging in places into almost the sort of caricatures one encounters on MSNBC or Air America.

UPDATE: they seem to have gotten the plane thawed out now, 2+ hours after our planned departure time, just waiting for it to show up at the gate.

So, three Christmases ago I vowed to never fly through Detroit Metro again. I forget why, probably a lost bag or something. Ever since, I’ve had at most one normal, uninterrupted/undelayed flight (Thanksgiving this year) through O’hare or now Milwaukee. In contrast I’ve never been stuck overnight in Detroit.

UPDATE: after what had to be the most unpleasant flight I’ve ever had, I finally made it into Manistee just before the airport was closed due to high winds and the two feet of snow coming in. Truly amazing winter weather – which we then spent two hours driving about 40 miles through. Ugh.

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