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The Luddite Pillory, v1.1

It’s time for this week’s Luddite Pillory, in which space-related silliness is held up for ridicule and scorn!

  • I think this is supposed to be satire. It is in any case funnier (and perhaps more prudent) than this, which, while self-parodying, is not satire.
  • Speaking of the Disclosure Project…Francisco Miraval is a bit irked that aliens from across the galaxy seem to get more respect than aliens from across the border.
  • Everything you wanted to know about Dennis Kucinich’s space platform. (That would be the space part of the political platform on which he is running for reelection this fall, not the mind-control weapons platforms he frets about when the foil helmet slips.)
  • Elaine Supkis has a snit about Mars enthusiasts (hmm…I wonder what prompted that little outburst?). Send all of us “dumb ‘Let’s go to Mars’ lunatics” to Mars? From your fingertips to God’s monitor, Elaine.
  • Bruce Gagnon is shocked, shocked that a display area at a conference on nuclear power for space applications didn’t push solar power for spacecraft and lunar outposts instead of nuclear — which is a bit like going to the Stock Show and being surprised at the lack of displays promoting vegan tofu alternaburgers.
  • Bruce then tries to make a funny. To paraphrase David Spade: Leave the satire to the big boys, m’kay?

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