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What, No Body Cavity Search?

Our old luddite friend Bruce Gagnon says he was detained in the Louisville airport for discussing “bombs and contamination” on a cellphone.

Yawn. May indeed be true, but it’s funny how this same story is told the same way by so many leftie activists…”The Man detained me and questioned me about my activities, but I reminded him of my Constitutional rights (the ones I approve of, mind you) and stared him down with steely-eyed grassroots resolve!”

Here’s a micro-fisking of the rest of the content:
1. “Exponential” escalation? You do know what that means, right? Where are all those fissionables going to be coming from?
2. Yes — perhaps they have learned something in the past fifty years. We’re also better at communicating today, and better informed, and less blindly trusting of the government than we were in the 1950’s and early 1960’s (and more likely to sue at the drop of a hat)…it’s hard to imagine that kind of hanky-panky happening now. And even if that isn’t enough, don’t you have faith in the abilities of organizations like yours to expose the truth and keep the labs in line? If you have so little faith in the efficacy of your efforts, why bother?
3. “All”? Really? “Each” one? So, what nefarious militaristic purpose do the MERs serve? And does this mean that Biff and Sandy just prototype killbots sent to the Red Planet for field endurance testing?

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