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Despicable Lying Watermelon

Okay, Bruce Gagnon, you have now sunk from luddite loon to Grade-A scumbag:

?Once again we see that space technology can fail,? Bruce Gagnon, international coordinator for the Global Network against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, told Arab News last night. ?I?m troubled because the Bush Administration has recently announced a program called the ?Nuclear Systems Initiative?, a $1 billion research and development program to expand the launching of nuclear power into space. The problem is that as you increase the numbers of launches carrying nuclear payloads into space, but you are also going to dramatically increase the chances of a catastrophic Chernobyl in the sky.?

Asked why NASA was advising extreme precaution at the crash sites, Gagnon said: ?We haven?t heard that there was a nuclear payload on this shuttle, but one of the great hallmarks of the Bush administration is increased secrecy. I must admit that when NASA said no one should go near a site because of the toxic potential of the fuels and ?other reasons,? I couldn?t help but wonder what those reasons are.?

I will make it my personal crusade to see that your paranoid idiocy is brought up every time you raise your head in the future regarding space nuclear power.

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