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THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS when you don’t watch teevee: Carl Carlsson emails me that HBO Family is showing a made-for-cable movie called “Special Report: Journey to Mars”:

It was formatted like a news special covering the first human landing. The central plot involved the discovery, just before landing, that an evil corporation had plotted to sabotage the mission via the auto landing system. The plot was discovered and the mission landed safely due to pilot moxy. When the craft landed, guess what: it was a two story tuna can! Someone is getting it right…Anyway, it was resonably well produced for a made-for-TV kids special, with fair effects. Actors included Judge Reinhold, Alfre Woodard, and one fo the Carradines, plus others I recognized but can’t name. All in all not bad.

Sounds interesting. Well, aside from the “evil corporation” bit (hey, it’s Hollywood — I won’t hold my breath waiting for originality or the emergence of a pro-capitalist worldview.)

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