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Back Soon From Mars

I really, really should have visited Iceland before we started writing a novel set on Mars. If Texas is like a whole other country, Iceland is like a whole other not-quite-fully-terraformed planet.

Above Alftavatn

Finally back in Reykjavik after a week’s trek through the hinterlands north of Eyjafjallajokull and two weeks of camping throughout the rest of the country. I’ll have more Mars-related material over the next couple of weeks, as I sort through about 24GB of photographs and 48GB or more of HD video.

2 comments to Back Soon From Mars

  • Aaron_J

    Awesome picture. Were there many trees at all, anywhere?

  • Kinda-sorta. Stunted birch trees in a lot of places, somewhere between a big shrub and a small tree but not quite either. Plus some pockets of pines here and there. But as a percentage of the landscape, forestland was very very small.