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In The Dead Zone

So much for my plans for more frequent postings – new laptop or no, my folks have no internet service with which to use it.

On the other hand, they do now have satellite teevee, through which I was able to catch a few minutes of a program on Mars settlement this afternoon. I think […]

Why Science Fiction Has A Bad Reputation, Part #84832972.3

I vaguely remember watching this show a couple of times when it was originally aired. I remember it being cheesy, but ye gods, I had no idea…

Like watching a Kevin Costner movie or reading a Cormac McCarthy novel, it’s so awful it makes one’s brain […]

Christmas Comes Early, Part I

Part of the reason that posting on MarsBlog has been so lackluster over the past year is that my other project, People’s Press Collective, has been claiming nearly all of my time outside of work. Since I live about forty minutes from downtown Denver, and end up down there for events 2-3 nights a week, […]

More Recovered Images

I finally finished scanning all 500-odd of my uncle’s old slides yesterday, and found a couple more aerospace shots in the mix, including this:

I’m not a plane expert, but I believe this is a C-124 Globemaster II. One thing that struck me about looking at the plane from this angle is the vague […]

Recovered Images

While visiting family in Michigan over Thanksgiving, I happened to mention to my uncle that I had bought a slide scanner a couple of years ago, and that I had scanned in my grandfather’s (his father-in-law’s) old slides from the early 1960s. This led to him dropping off a box the next day, with around […]

Global Warming Insurance: Annotated

Some of my co-conspirators at People’s Press Collective have been having a little fun with the “global warming insurance” video…

“It’s not like you’re gonna give up your whole paycheck, it’s just a few bucks a month [that you’re gonna give up]”.

Dude…it’s not your money to take.

[hat tip: […]