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Colonize Mars? Not Until I Sate My Envy and Hate

D.N. Lee is at it again: Colonize Mars? Not until we learn some lessons here on Earth

What bothers me in this sort of discussion is that the very people who we want to go to space to escape are the ones who are going to do their damnedest to stop us from escaping them. People like D.N. Lee are small-minded solipsists who interpret everything through the prism of their own prejudices and grievances, and would rather see the stagnation of human civilization if not its sudden extinction than give up trying to sate their insatiable, misanthropic envy.

You’d think that as awful as we space-settlement advocates are, they’d be glad to be rid of us, and to have us leave to them the whole world to do with as they wish. But I guess it would be asking too much of their limited capacity for objective reasoning to expect them to forgo the indulgence in immediate hate-gratification in favor of a greater long-term gain (indeed, a win-win for everyone involved).

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