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BlogCon 2011

Attending the BlogCon 2011 in Denver this weekend.

PPC (myself and Michael Sandoval), Ari Armstrong, Kelly Maher, and Todd Shepherd will be speaking today at 3:15, on building and maintaining state-level blog networks.

UPDATE: taunting OccupyDenver, which is threatening a surprise(!) march on BlogCon 2011 at 5pm tonight…uptwinkles!

UPDATE 2:25: a half-dozen protestors showed up early (surprise!) and tried to break into the conference. They were surrounded by about 40 of us from the conference, who proceeded to taunt and mock them with chants and slogans of our own until they ran away like spanked children (and a few got arrested).

Video and photo later once the other 30 people who captured it have uploaded through the regrettably limited internet.

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