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A Couple of Comparisons

I’ve only had time this week to put together two comparison shots between my grandparents’ 1965 slides from KSC and my own from last week, but here they are. Unfortunately, I’m going to be too busy this coming week to do the rest any time soon – suffice to say there’s a couple more interesting ones, like LC-34 and LC-14 (with the Mercury monument).

The VAB, as seen from halfway through the turn onto the street leading into the complex. As I was driving, I had to make do with a shot somewhat further back rather than risking it during the turn with other cars present. The low office building on the right is used by the Shuttle program.

Compare: VAB, 1965 and 2009

The crawlerway between the VAB and OPFs 1 and 2.  In the “today” picture, the highbay on the left is used for storage and staging of ETs and SRBs (and contained components of Ares-1x when I visited last week), and the one on the right is the “safe haven”.

Compare: VAB crawlerway, 1965 and 2009

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