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Snow Day

Behold the products of yet another new-to-me Colorado weather phenomenon: the thunderblizzard.

Snow Day Snow Day  Snow Day

I was downstairs when the lighting struck, but I heard and felt the amazingly loud thunder and wondered if there had been an avalanche from one of the surrounding cliffs or an overloaded tree had fallen against the house.  A neighbor who had been snowblowing at the time described it as a brilliant yellow flash that lit up the whole area brighter than a sunny day and then faded away slowly.  Likewise, friends down in Denver said there had been thunder and lightning with the snow in their neighborhood as well.

And to think I was going to get a building permit for a new deck today.

2 comments to Snow Day

  • You never experienced a thunderblizzard in Michigan? This is the time of year for them. But maybe it’s a south-east Michigan thing.

  • Never. I didn’t even think it was possible to have the two together, until I moved to nieghborhood with a weird microclimate. There’s a couple of tall ridges above us that give us thundersleets quite frequently, and we’ve had a few (light) thundersnows, but this was the first time I’ve seen a full-on whiteout blizzard with thunder and lightning.