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Skynet, Call Your Office

A disturbing look at the future of military automation.

One bright spot they apparently overlook in this is the fact that there really isn’t anyone with the capabilities to challenge the U.S. in battlefield automation (yet). Another is the very real possibility that (as suggested by the ‘more Kosovos, fewer Iraqs’ comment) such weapons would make and to some degree already are making large-scale war pointless and unneccessary…the roboticized wars of the future may be self-limiting to surgical attacks and short-duration, small-scale conflicts.

Still, it’s creepy to read this article and realize that it isn’t just a piece of the fictional backstory to the Terminator franchise.

1 comment to Skynet, Call Your Office

  • Greg

    I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords…

    I hope they remember an ‘off’ switch. Or at least program in Asimov’s 3 laws.