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Oh, Great

I guess this means Foleymas is over. Unless the Dems have something truly awful still hiding in their October Surprise bag, NK is going to be the dominant issue from now through the election. Which on the one hand is good, because it’s a serious issue for a change, but on the other hand it’s bad because, well, it’s a serious issue…NK now has nukes, and if they are actually weaponized, they can proliferate them at will.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Iran now followed suit (whether or not it would be an indigenously-produced device or not is beside the point.)

(Not to be flippant, but I wonder how long it will be before the moonbats start barking about how a) the US pushed NK into this demonstration with its provocative military posture and threats and sanctions and the like, and b) Rove and Bush must have coordinated the test to take Foley’s “Masturgate” scandal off the front pages. Or both at the same time…somehow.)

3 comments to Oh, Great

  • Aaron_J

    I wouldn’t look for anything else this season, as it’s getting too close to the election. You see, these things are made public far enough in advance of the first Tuesday in November that press coverage is maximized, but not so far in advance that a real investigation can be completed and speculation replaced with facts.

    The guard memo fiasco backfired because they were proven to be fake much sooner than the Dems could have imagined.

  • Good point. However, I no sooner put up this post yesterday morning than I came across a link (via Pajamas Media, I think) to a lefty site where Option B was openly being touted as the explanation. And of course, those who weren’t pointing fingers at Bush for making it happen were pointing fingers at Bush for “letting” it happen…presumably by being *too* multilateral and *too* diplomatic.

    So, if Masturgate doesn’t return to the top of the news (especially now that the test appears to have been a fizzle…back to sleep!), the Dems can point to this as “yet another Republican foreign policy failure”. Not that they wouldn’t have been worse.

  • Yeah, drat! We wouldn’t want to be thinking about serious issues before an election!