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The Luddite Pillory, v1.5

A blog-carnival exposing anti-space silliness for ridicule and scorn, and otherwise showcasing funny space- and science-related news items.

  • The secret is out: MRO is the opening wedge in the militarization of Mars and its parceling out to greedy corporate interests. Look on the bright side, Bruce: MRO may be a Trojan horse for extending the military-fascist Chimpy McBushhitler totalitarian police state corporate empire to the Red Planet, but at least it’s solar-powered.
    Moonbat Lagniappe: He flogs the “Halliburton drilling on Mars” story for the first time in a long while.

  • Fore!
  • This is a year old, but I’m sure Brian will get a chuckle out of it nonetheless.
  • [T]his concept might well be what stops man’s over-exploitation of Mother Earth by uniting governments and nations, scientists and laymen in mutual cooperation and understanding.” So, what’s Swedish for kumbayaa?
  • I hope they were warned not to eat it.

5 comments to The Luddite Pillory, v1.5

  • “This is a year old, but I’m sure Brian will get a chuckle out of it nonetheless.”

    If I had an office, those flyers would be framed. Sadly no one in Bremerton has picked up on the theme. Apathetic or acceptance?

  • Aaron_J

    Nice to see Bruce back in the pillory. After all, who deserves more ridicule and scorn than this guy?

    As is typical, his most recent post is long on innuendo and short on facts or references. Let’s actually think about this: Halliburton is supposedly working on a drilling tool for use on other worlds. Bruce’s paranoia immediately causes him to leap to the conclusion that it is for mining (though he doesn’t say what), but this makes little sense.

    First of all, drilling tools are not typically used for mining. They are used for subsurface investigation and for extracting resources that could be pumped out. What do we typically pump out of the ground? Water and fossil fuels. Those of us with any sense know that water is something we’d like to pump out of the ground on Mars to support future settlement activities. And if I were in the market for a reliable drilling system to search for water on Mars, I?d turn to the experts at Halliburton first.

    So, is Bruce opposed to pumping water out of the ground? Maybe, but I think it is more likely that he is so uninformed and delusional that he thinks there is ?ooooiiiiillllll!!!!!!!? beneath the Martian surface, and that’s what Halliburton is after. Do you think that Bruce actually knows how fossil fuels form, and why there is no reason to expect to find any on Mars?

    You imply, tongue in cheek, that Bruce might be able to support MRO because it’s solar powered. In reality though, despite his claims, is there any space exploration that Bruce could support?

  • RobW

    Now, now, there is a perfectly logically reason for Bruce being against drilling on Mars. There may be innocent microbes, untouched by the evil hand of capitalism, and the Bushitlerhalliburton conspiracy that threatens to kill little cute fuzzy bunny rabbits if we don’t bow down to their wishes.

    It makes perfect sense. 🙂

  • Aaron_J

    How right you are — I failed to consider that. I guess I owe Bruce an apology.

  • Paul Dietz

    What do we typically pump out of the ground? Water and fossil fuels

    Also, things dissolved in water. Brines are a significant source of potassium, bromine, iodine, and lithium. Some mineral deposits are also extractable by in situ leaching. Some uranium deposits are of this kind.

    None of this has much to do with extraterrestrial mining, which isn’t close to economical now.