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Radioactive Lies

Singing the praises of Mother Sheehan and exploiting the victims of Katrina to promote his silly socialist agenda must have lost their novelty, as our favorite luddite whipping boy Bruce Gagnon has returned to his old hobby horse.

It’s the same dog’s dinner of anti-nuclear ranting we’ve come to expect from Bruce, which I feel no need to fisk any more than I already have (Jim Oberg unpacks his lie about Mars ’96 here). But I am motivated to ask whether Bruce is a liar, or just pathetically ignorant.

The latter excuses his ravings as the work of someone who should know better, but doesn’t. Clearly, anyone who makes it his business to crusade against all things nuclear in space could be expected to understand the difference between a nuclear electric thruster and a nuclear thermal rocket — at least well enough to avoid conflating the two under the term “nuclear rocket”. And then there is that bit about “shipping lanes in space”, which would appear to result from a mistaken application of terrestrial spatial relationships to orbital mechanics…again, it’s such a simple thing that one might be forgiven for expecting a supposed expert on space militarization and space nuclear power to know better. (And don’t get me started on Queen Isabella launching the Armada.)

What makes this apparent ignorance pathetic is not only that Bruce should know his subject matter better than he evidently does, but that he makes these same mistakes time and time again, even after being corrected. Which leads me to conclude that he knows the truth but intentionally spreads lies and willful misrepresentations in an attempt to scare the public into opposing all things nuclear and/or military in space.

2 comments to Radioactive Lies

  • This morning I realized what was wrong with Bruce’s call to nationalize the oil companies. Skipping all common sense arguments and literally a thousand plus years of examples of how that does not work it goes something like this ….

    We need to get rid of petrol fuel, some day. They’ll run out (if you buy the peak oil argument) or we’ll come up with a better solution.

    Once you create a State agency it never goes away.

    If you hand over the petrol industry to the government, you’ll never see the end of it, and you’ll have a vested interest (backed by the state) moving heaven and earth to keep us on a petrol economy, long after it stops making sense.

  • Heh. Considering his utter lack of understanding of basic economic principles, maybe I should reconsider the “pathetic ignorance” option.