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Everything for Everybody

The HoustonChronicle is reporting that, in the new NASA policy under consideration, everybody wins. We get Moon missions. We get Mars missions. We get Orbital Space Planes Which Are Really Capsules. We get jumbo cargo rockets. The whole space enchilada.

Hmm. Right. I’ll believe it when I see it.

2 comments to Everything for Everybody

  • Carl Carlsson

    I attended day 2 of the AAS conference, so I didn’t hear these remarks. However, they sound to me like a summary of the current thinking by many at NASA, and I believe this in no way reflects the new “vision” that is currently being planned (supposedly) by the Administration for announcement later this year.

  • T.L. James

    My cynical side is telling me that, after all the hope and hype over the past several months, the Grand New Organizing Vision for NASA will probably be missions to L1 or some such…ie: someplace that nobody really wants to go.