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Why Mars?

The Mars Society has announced an essay contest, titled “Why Mars?”.

One of the hardest parts of convincing the “person on the street” and therefore the voters, and thence the politicians, is explaining why sending humans to Mars is so critical to our vision of a positive future. The reasons we adopt are as varied as our political, religious and philosophical viewpoints and are usually as well thought out as they are highly personal. It is time to emphasize the importance of why, not just how or when or how much money.

The contest is open to members and non-members of all ages, and can be in standard essay form or “alternative media”. Winners will receive a variety of prizes, from books to conference admission to free MS memberships.

1 comment to Why Mars?

  • Jim Donahue

    Why Mars? what is the alternative? what social problem is more benifical for our hard earned money? Starvation and the poor? If and when we learn to colonize space starvation becomes a thing of the past. starvation is mainly political but farmable land and mother nature do play a part. how much room is there for green houses on the Moon and Mars? The moon alone has more farm land than Earth because there are no oceans,no monsoons or droughts or locust swarms.So no need for pesticides flash freezing is just outside.If we have a reliable tether system from the moon to Earth we could realistically transfer millions of tons of wheat and produce to the Middle of Africa cheaper than shipping it from Kansas. overpopulation another thing that has been hyped past sciencetific realities of late but no matter who’s numbers how do you overpopulate the universe?Immigration how many millions of oppressed people would gladly immigrate to a free Moon or Mars? Free was important the Chinese are in the race is it important that we as afree society lead the way? China has 30,000 million of its own people in slave labor camps now!They are going inaction on our part is like inaction on railroad tracks.Medicine? Ask a surgeon especially a neuro-surgeon the possiblities of low g surgery with less trama to the patient. Physical therapy with a variable g enviroment low G’s for trauma victims relearning to walk and strong G’s to combat bone loss and encouraging nerve growth.Deforestation imagine domed forests of trees on the Moon and mars. Energy cheap safe electricty has been the best gift to the poor of the world we can have totally safe nuclear plants floating in orbit beaming down pollution free energy without having to dam another river and we wouldn’t need endless miles of powerlines strung across jungels.And the list goes on. jim Donahue Upland Cal.