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It’s Over

Galileo Ends 14-Year Mission in Jupiter.

(Interesting choice of prepositions there…)

Update: Well, these moonbats turn out to have been wrong. [Cue mad-scientist Theremin crescendo] SO FAR…..

3 comments to It’s Over

  • Carl Carlsson

    Calling those people “Moonbats” is letting them off easy. I’d laugh more if 1) I thought they were only kidding, or 2) I knew nobody would take them seriously. I was intent on leaving a juicy post on their message board, but found I had to register. Did anyone bother to give them what for (for what it’s worth)?

  • T.L. James

    Well, I doubt there’s all that much to worry about, since I really had to do a lot of searching to find that. The usual suspects, like DU, had nothing about Galileo at all.

  • VR

    Ah, well. Given that some fruitloops worried we were radiating Mars with our “radioactive” space probes, I was surprised and happy that I didn’t see similar idiocy about Jupiter. Just didn’t look hard enough I guess.

    Maybe somebody should tell these yahoos about the many tons of plutonium thrown into the air in the ’50s nuclear bomb tests. Since they surely must be dead, perhaps they will shut up.