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Norwegian Sounding Rocket Pictures

The aforementioned sounding rocket project I worked at while in New Orleans a couple of years ago has its own website (hosted at the And?ya Rocket Range site), with some slick pictures of the hardware: Hybrid Technology Rocket Campaign.

Here’s some pictures of the parts I was responsible for designing: the liquid oxygen tank, intertank structure (crammed with valves and tubing — and note what appear to be friction-stir welds at each end by the radax joints), payload adapter structure (with the forward attachment to the launch rail and holes for ground electronics), and the top-level assembly, minus science payload (and yes, it really is as skinny as it looks). And here’s Joe and Mike with the completed, painted, ready-to-fly rocket on the launch rail.

It’s amazing how much like the Catia V5 “render with material” views the real hardware actually looks. The intertank structure in particular is exactly how I pictured it, with all those rivets and bolt holes around the access panels.

Unfortunately, there’s no pictures yet of the launch itself. And I’m still eagerly awaiting a copy of the DVD of the launch video.

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