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Hmm…That Looks Familiar

Haven’t I this somewhere before?

On the bright side, since the thing will be built by a noble communist utopia opposed to the racist, capitalist, imperialist space hegemony of Amerikkka AND it uses evil RTGs that will pollute the pristine surface of the Moon with radiation (snort), it should induce a delicious bout of cognitive whiplash in Bruce and his friends.

ADDENDUM: I no sooner post the text above than I come across Jeff Foust’s review of a book on “space war” by Bruce’s heroine, Helen Caldicott.

What is one to think now of China?s interest in ?prohibiting the deployment of weapons in outer space and the use of force against outer space objects?, in the words of a Chinese diplomat quoted in the book, now that China?not the United States?has destroyed a satellite in space, creating the dangerous orbital debris decried by anti-weaponization advocates? The book, unfortunately, offers no insight on this, since the authors focused entirely on the US as the villain in space weaponization debate. [emphasis added]

Hmm…that, too, seems familiar.

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