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Iranian “Saucer Flap”

In reference to a spate of flying saucer reports coming from that country, Mark Whittington asks (no doubt tongue-in-cheek) what interest “space aliens” have in Iran.

Curiously, this Iran “saucer flap” news follows a number of recent news articles on new reconnaissance and strike UAVs, some of which are described as “UFO-like” objects. In addition to UAVs, there is increasing interest in the military use of high-altitude and heavy-lift airships — some of which have, shall we say, exotic shapes which are easily mistaken by the credulous for something otherworldly.

Given this possible explanation for what (if anything) might actually be behind these reports, the why behind it all is left as an exercise for the reader.

Disclaimer: lest someone interpret this post as an endorsement of ufology, it isn’t intended as such, nor do I have an interest in or respect for that subject.

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