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Occupy Toledo!

So I’m walking down the street in Toledo (the one in Spain) on Saturday, and I suddenly find myself in the middle of a protest. Near as I can tell from cognates, it was something related to the Occupy Wall Street crap but translated into Spanish. Naturally, I had to play reporter and get some […]

Violent, Hate-Filled, Racist Rhetoric at the Denver Tax Day Tea Party

Well, actually, at the left/”Progressive” counterprotest.

Where Have All the Protestors Gone?

It seems the Women in Black Silent Vigil For Peace (who I last observed observing something less than a moment of silence) have given up their first-Saturday protest outside Colorado Mills in Golden…

Did President Obama end the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and neglect to tell anyone (except the […]

NYU Students Protest, Fail to Understand Why Nobody Takes Them Seriously

This priceless clip is not only laugh-out-loud hilarious (unintentionally), but illustrates perfectly why earnest young college students who want to change the world aren’t taken seriously. And shouldn’t be.

These drama queens better hope this never happens in reality…even a zombie could get inside their OODA loop.

These earnest and sensitive students (assuming they […]